The Scoop on Slab Leveling

Texas Flooring Gallery

So you've picked the perfect flooring and arranged to have it installed. We get to your house and start ripping up the old stuff only to find theres a slight slope or low spot in your slab and the flooring you picked out can't be laid. Oh no! What will we do? We've already torn up the old stuff... and you aren't really too keen on putting carpet back in...

We can level your slab! Yes, you heard us correctly. Don't worry, we can level your slab. In about 48-72 hours we can have it leveled with a new layer of compound and you will be right back on track with your new floors.


This slab was in an older home and had previously been worked on to fix a leak. Where the newer concrete was poured it made for very uneven edges and dipped in the middle of the room.


Without much trouble at all we were able to fill the room with a thin, even layer of compound to bring the low spots up and even them out with the higher spots. Making the room perfect and ready for any type of flooring!

There's obviously a lot more to this process than a couple pictures can show, but leave it to the pro's. We can take care of it!