How NOT to Spring Clean.

Texas Flooring Gallery

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Can we be honest for a second? NO ONE likes to clean...except for Marie Kondo...but other than her, no one else. We want to make your life easier, cleaner, and more beautiful with NEW FLOORS EVERY SPRING!

Who needs a mop when you have brand new flooring ready to go?


You don't have time to clean your house? WE GET IT! Thats why we want to "clean it" for you and show those dust bunnies who's boss!


Just give us a call and we will come in, rip out your floors, and put in new ones! Thankfully we have 12 months interest free with 0% down. That gives you a year to pay off the floors you get now, and then next year you can do the same. What a steal!


Image by The Spoiled Home - Flooring by Texas Flooring Gallery

Ok, ok...We understand that buying new floors every spring is a little unreasonable. Wouldn't that be nice though? Also, if you don't clean your floors for a whole year, you might actually need new flooring. On a serious note, If you are looking to replace your flooring, give us a call. We would love to help!