Quarantine Cleaning

Texas Flooring Gallery

Whether you're spending your quarantine time cleaning over and over again, or you're letting it all pile up until this is over...let's talk about some good ideas for deep cleaning and freshening up your flooring.

Let's start with deep cleaning tile.

  • start by removing everything off the floor (chairs, tables, rugs, etc)
  • sweep every inch of the tile
  • mop with your usual mopping technique
  • mop a second time with a more aggressive cleaning solution
  • mix a solution of bleach, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide and us and eraser to scrub grout lines and bring them back to life. (Avoid bleach if your grout isn't white!)
  • open windows to let it dry and air out

Now let's talk carpet...

  • remove all furniture off the floor
  • vacuum every inch in both directions
  • spot treat spots and stains with a good stain remover (Scrubbing bubbles works wonders!)
  • mix proper solution for your carpet cleaner (Rent one from your local grocer if you don't have one!)
  • shampoo every inch in slow, even tracks
  • open windows and place fans if you have any to dry the carpet evenly and smoothly
  • after it drys out completely and you've rinsed the shampooer, repeat for optimal cleaning

What about hardwoods?

  • sweep or vacuum every inch
  • prepare mop or steam mop with wood-acceptable solution
  • mop every inch
  • open windows and place fans to dry
  • use the best wood flooring conditioner for your flooring material and apply with soft rag as directions on the solution read
  • avoid walking on flooring for a day or so for the wax to soak in and really condition flooring

If you have every one of these type of flooring in your home... godspeed and good luck! You have a long couple days ahead, but we can promise it's worth it in the end. For optimal results we recommend doing this quarterly if you have time or at least twice a year.