New House Inspiration

Texas Flooring Gallery

We get asked quite frequently if we can do new construction homes... um, YES PLEASE. One of our favorite things in the world is a fresh clean slate. Getting to walk through each part of a house with the owner and helping their dreams come to life... could it get any better?!

We just wanted to show you a little bit of how the process works. Once you get the plans drawn out and set in stone (no pun intended... but we can put stone in the house if you want!) bring them to us with a couple hours of your time. It's time to start playing "dress up" if you will.

In our show room we can lay out every combination and layout you can come up with. Big/small, round/square, short/long, fat/skinny. Herringbone or traditional, diagonal or straight, we'll play with every option in the store if we need to. Come with ideas and dreams fresh in mind but also come with an open mind. After-all, we're the experts you're trusting with one of the key elements in your brand new home - we've got this.

Then we will order what we need to order and set aside what we have in stock in the warehouse, as well as secure finances, and then we wait until its our time to shine. We will work hand in hand with your builders so that when they're ready for us we've got everything we need.

Before out flooring and back splash went in

Showroom playtime!

During-construction in one of our New Build Clients!

We strive to provide excellence to every one of our clients and ensure that everyone leaves happy.