Holiday Rugs or Rugs for the Holidays?

Texas Flooring Gallery

There are people who have special rugs just for the holidays...they bring them out once a year - it's the perfect time to get away with putting out a crazy pattern or a giant poinsettia in your floor, and then there are people who use the holidays as the perfect excuse to get a new rug to put in the living room, or under the dining room table.

Can you relate? Personally, I think it's a good time to replace a rug. Something I can leave out year round - but since everyone is going to be at my house for the holidays, I might as well go ahead and splurge. So let's talk about rugs. They come in all shapes and sizes. Patterns and colors. Thicknesses and materials.

You can buy them from almost any store with home furnishings, but did you know you can have them made specifically for your space?

That's correct, there are still places that will bind a remnant of carpet specially chosen by you specifically sized to fit your space! We don't recommend doing this if you're a holiday rug kind of person who only lets their beauties be seen once a year. If you're going to make the investment, let it be seen year round!

We at Texas Flooring Gallery will happily bind any carpet or rebind an old rug for you. We can bring back to life family heirlooms or bring new life into your home if you're ready to change it up. Have you found a pattern of carpet that you love but wish you didn't have to decide between getting rid of your hardwoods and that carpet? Let us bind it into a rug for you! You can have the best of both world's this holiday season.