Soften Your Fall

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Who's ready for crisp mornings, Saturday nights snuggled on the patio with a fire burning, football and crockpots on Sundays? I could go on and on, you know? There's something about planning for fall festival's, meshing holiday schedules with family, and the feeling of opening your windows on Saturday morning as the dog lays at your feet.

Speaking of feet - hardwood floors and tile tend to get pretty cold when the season changes, don't they? There's nothing worse than getting out of bed to a hard, cold floor! Let's talk options to soften your fall. Although everyone (well everyone who is a normal person, but we're not pointing fingers) loves fall. Let's talk some alternative options to hardwood or tile.

Carpet done by Texas Flooring Gallery in a Justin Keeter Custom home

A cozy plush neutral color is a wonderful and timeless option.

Picture by NeONBRAND

Choosing something that doesn't make the room feel cluttered is essential. You want to feel cozy, not claustrophobic!

Photo from Shawnowflooring

Not quite ready to give up your hardwood yet? We can install the carpet in the center of the room and leave the perimeter hardwood!

There are plenty of options for everyone. Carpet sometimes get a bad report, but we definitely encourage you to check it out. We would love to help you find whats best for your family.

Oh, and cheers to fall!