Holiday Helpers for Hardwoods: Protecting your Floors this Holiday Season

Texas Flooring Gallery

We know in the unpredictable and memorable year of 2020, we’ve all probably spent more time than normal in our homes. That’s why it’s going to be so important to be mindful of hardwood protection during these snowy and celebration-filled months to come!

We’re here to help during the holidays and remember your hardwoods!

A few simple acts of care will carry your floors a long way during this time of decoration and celebration.

  1. Tree Protection

Who has a real tree these days? Well, lots of people! Support your flooring during Christmas with a real tree standing tall in your home. A simple way to install extra protection: place a plastic mat under your tree skirt to capture any drippings (or droppings!) This little measure can help protect the floor from damage caused by over-watering, or from your pup who likes to mark their territory.  

Always remember to shake out your tree as much as you can before bringing it in the home and protect it with a blanket during transit in and out of the home.

  1. Prepare for spills!

The kitchen gets wild durig the holidays.

There’s excitement, cooking, drinks flowing, decorating, cookie and cake decorating parties, gingerbread houses and so on. By keeping towels handy, you can clean up spills in a timely manner and prevent any serious damage. We recommend a damp towel on the immediate mess, followed by a dry one to wipe up all moisture.

  1. Remember to protect your floors under your tree stands.

Buy felt pads or place a blanket underneath the tree stand, to protect the tree stand from scratching the floor. Chances are, you may set up the tree and slide it around to get that picture perfect position in your living area. And remember to wipe down the floor before placing your tree down, so that debris doesn’t scrape or scratch underneath.

We look forward to seeing photographs of your lovely holiday spaces this year!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from your Texas Flooring Gallery team. We look forward to serving you in 2021!