Don't be ScArEd of the cost!

Texas Flooring Gallery

Deciding to get new floors can be kind of scary. You start noticing loose and cracked tiles one day and the next thing you know you're being quoted for thousands of dollars worth of new flooring. How do you decide to pay for it? Do you back out now and just deal with it? Or take out a personal loan? Do you put it on a credit card? Then you have to worry about the interest charged on that loan or that credit card.

It doesn't have to be scary! We offer special financing offers and can get you approved in house with the best plan for your needs. We offer interest free financing, and can help you navigate the options. Once approved for the amount you need (sometimes you won't even need to put any money down), we will help you pick the perfect flooring, shower tile, or backsplash. And you will be on your way to brighter days.

The process looks a little like this:

  • Schedule for us to come give you a (free) estimate.
  • Pick out the flooring or tile you're wanting from our showroom
  • Apply for financing with our financing guy
  • Get approved for your flooring (YAY!)
  • Schedule our installers to come take out the old and lay the new!

We understand that this process can be intimidating, but we will try our hardest to meet your needs in all aspects.

Interested in saving up before you take the leap? Here's a fun tip that could buy you some time and patience with your flooring by repainting the old tile.