Converting Your Home Into a School Zone

Texas Flooring Gallery

2020 has brought on the unimaginable – right? Who even dreamed of teaching your own children their school lessons, right from the comfort of your own home? Let’s be clear – absolutely none of us!

With more foot traffic and occupying the space of your home with virtual learning in 2020, we at Texas Flooring Gallery have come up with a variety of ways to spruce up your home and protect your floors at all costs.

It’s important to feel comfortable, but still productive in this new learning environment. Let’s hit on a few tips to keep this new virtual learning zone in tip-top shape:

Tip #1: Install felt pads on the bottom of all the legs of your furniture. Odds are, your kids are going to be scooting desks/couches/and furniture around the floors to make their space their home. They may even shift day-to-day, depending on the activity. Or, they may run and jump and collapse onto the couch for breaks throughout their day of learning. To avoid scooting and scratching, buy some felt pads that stick onto the legs and bottoms of your furniture to save your floors.

Tip #2: Head to carpeted rooms, if possible. It’s cozy and carpeted and welcoming for your students to lay or sprawl out on the floor. They’ll appreciate clean and soft carpet for quiet reading time, arts and crafts, or just taking a much-needed virtual learning break. It’s also easy to vacuum up after activities.

Tip #3: Work your way toward windows! Not only does the sunlight bring on happiness, it’s important for imagination and exploration for your students. It also brings a bright and airy feel to your home, just simply by working by the windows.

We hope our tips are helping you transition smoothly into the new way of learning. Let’s finish 2020 strong, and don’t forget to call Texas Flooring Gallery for all your flooring needs!